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Nourish your skin with Body Butter

Heals and hydrates your hands, elbows, knees, and feet. Though it is not limited to those areas it is soothing to the usually drier areas of our body.

Skin Reign in Action

Why People Love Us

I tried this lotion on my 10 y/o son, who has very dry skin and had eczema as a toddler. The small bumps on his torso were literally gone the next morning! As it is all-natural, there is no concern that it would aggravate his allergies. It's become our nightly routine before bed. Wonderful scent, incredible product!

Heather H

I absolutely love this lotion! I have used Skin Reign since it's beginning, just because I know the Founder and trust totally in the quality of the ingredients she has used. I feel my skin hydrated and the lotion makes my skin very soft and smooth. I can just say that it is a great product and fully recommend it. Five stars !

Ruth C

With age my skin has become dry and fragile, so I have had to start using moisturizing lotions, using different lotions available on the market, but definitely the reassurances achieved with SKIN REIGN are more than expected, it let it soft and flexible, giving a healthy look. I highly recommend it, that's a five stars product!

Francisco D