What started it all


A condition in which the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough thyroid hormone. Among other symptoms, it causes very dry skin. This is when the search for treatments to nourish my skin begins.

Passion for Skin Care

As a little girl, my dream was always to develop my own skincare line. I even mixed different ingredients and created my own “lotions.” Once, I tried using white glue on my face for anti-aging (please, don’t try this at home). Pursuing my childhood dream, I majored in chemistry in college. I have yet to finish school, but I learned a lot and was eager to put all this knowledge to good use.

The Skin Reign journey began nine years ago

I was diagnosed with a low thyroid condition that caused very dry skin, among other symptoms. I needed to find treatments to nourish my skin and give it the extra love it required at the time. However, I tried everything out there, and nothing truly helped me. Being healthy in every way possible has always been a priority to me—and I don’t like giving up.

As I continued to look for a skincare solution, I decided to conduct my own research into what ingredients would hydrate my skin and keep it young and healthy. My trials and errors led to the creation of an amazing formula consisting of oils and shea butter. Initially, I would mix the ingredients with an over-the-counter lotion to blend the oils and avoid the greasy residue on my skin. The result was incredible. I was finally happy with my skin and the way it felt, and I knew I had found the solution I was looking for.

What happened next was unexpected

Whenever I heard someone talk about their dry skin, I would give them a homemade sample of my formula. I loved making this lotion and loved making it for friends, family, or whoever else needed it. To my surprise, they would often come back to ask me where they could buy it! Of course, I usually just laughed and told them I didn’t sell it.

To make a long story short, around five years ago, I registered my first brand name, designed a label, and thus the second part of the journey began. I set up a little lab in my home and upgraded to better equipment. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t using my cooking utensils!)

I established improved safety and quality protocols and even created special “lab rules.”  I always considered the lab my sacred place, and I didn’t make my lotion if I wasn’t in a great mood and played specific music in the lab to guide my intentions.  

I want the love and joy I feel to go into every single bottle, and my wish is that every person who uses my products feels happy, loved, and empowered with endless confidence and self-love. I created Skin Reign for people like you, those looking to treat themselves to some extra love. By using Skin Reign, you are telling yourself, “I love you” and “I care for you.”

Shortly after launching Skin Reign, the business started growing, and I decided to design this beautiful website to educate people and make my products more easily accessible. When I had finally found the perfect person to help me in this phase of the brand, lockdowns began. Those first two months were very intense and challenging, but they were also important for growth. I finally had the time to put together the content for my website, search for labs to take over manufacturing and testing, and develop two more products. All of this was happening while I spent two months by myself at home without seeing or coming into physical contact with anybody. My days started with yoga in my living room, followed by a full day’s work and a good cry before going to bed. 

I will always be grateful for that time and the personal and professional lessons I learned through it all. 

Today, I cannot express how grateful I am for this opportunity and for just being here and able to share my childhood dream with all of you.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

​Selene C.

Developer, Owner & Dreamer