Taking control of the breakouts

Breakouts and acne can be caused by foods or hormonal imbalances. They can also be caused by the mask we wear these days because, you know, we have that all day rubbing into your skin. So what to do? Here are some easy tips for taking control of the breakouts.

The first thing you need to do is identify what kind of breakout you’re experiencing:

  • A few little blackheads:

    something with Salicylic acid, like a cleanser or pads should help you. 

  • Deeper breakouts that are hard to come out:

    something with Retinol will help.

  • Cystic and painful breakouts:

    Benzoyl Peroxide. Super important thing about Benzoyl Peroxide: This is like bleach. If you don’t rinse properly, that cleanser is going to destroy your pajamas, your sheets, your pillowcases. So make sure that you rinse it properly. If it’s a cream form, use white; white pillowcases, white everything. 

With these ingredients, they do tend to dry out your skin, so please apply moisturizer on top to balance out your skin. Remember that if none of these tips help, it means that the condition is a little bit more serious. Please, visit a dermatologist.

If you’re pregnant, none of these ingredients are for you but, you can use Glycolic and you can use Lactic acid. That is gonna help you a little bit.

My suggestion: 

Dairy. Stop dairy for one month. Sometimes that’s it, it’s just dairy causing the breakouts. I know it sounds bad but, come on! Right now you have many options: you have almond milk, coconut milk, non-dairy cheese, and yogurt... You can do it! I mean, you have nothing to lose. If it’s dairy causing the breakouts, at least you know now. Then you can decide what to do with that information, right? 

Thank you so much for being here. I hope this info is helpful! Remember that you can always ask questions, I’m always one question away. 

Thank you so much for all your feedback. Have a wonderful day!


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